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My Joy

You’ve already met “My Love” my wonderful wife Mischa!!  Now I’d like to introduce you to "My Joy"… My son, Bryan Alexander. 14 years ago I could not imagine what it would be like to be a father.  I mean, how could I?  If there is a manual out there, it can’t possibly prepare you for the reality of fatherhood.  Your life is forever changed in an instant!  All at once I was flooded with emotion.  Love!! Pride!! Fear!! Doubt!! But most of all… JOY!! 

Sure, it’s not always easy.  But what worthwhile endeavor is?  The truth is, being a father is one of the greatest responsibilities I know of.  A responsibility that I have taken very seriously since the day he was born.  My life is not about me, and I do enjoy life, it’s about “Teaching Him”.  Teaching him to grow up to be “A Man”.  A better man than I am. And I’ve got to tell you, that along the way, he has taught and is teaching me quite a few things as well.

I’m happy to say that I learn something new everyday! And I like that! I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned through Bryan is how to love unconditionally.  I know that I’m a better man being a husband and a father! And I strive to be better everyday. 

Yes!!  He is “My Joy”.  Intelligent!!  Witty!!  Funny!!  Loving!!  Respectful!!  Caring!!  Handsome!!  Outgoing and Personable!!  I love being your father every day!!  It's a true joy watching you grow into the fine young man that you are!!

Thank You Bryan!!  You truly are…   “My Joy”.